Who am I?

I am Raven Mal, and I am burdened by sanity.

I am here to save the world. This is destiny not vanity.

I am passion hot and logic cold.

I am superstitious fearful, but skeptical and bold.

I am night and I am day.

I ‘m reverent, but I’d rather die than pray.

I am distant, but very, very close.

I’ll reach around the world and touch your nose.

While staying in the darkness, I live in the light.

Trust in me. I promise I’ll save you from eternal, hopeless night.


Where did I come from?

I came from the deep, deep, darkness and the twinkling stars.

I came from music, from all the notes, all the beats, and all the bars.

I came from the sun, the wind, the drought, and the rain.

I came from the grass, the mud, the mucus, and the blood in that stain.

I am Raven Mal. Trust in me. Listen to me. Follow me. I promise I am very, very sane.


What do I want?

I only want to save the world. I am a hero. I’ll help you humans. My ideas are your only hope. I do not whish to cause corruption upon the earth. I am but a reformer. Our belief systems are broken. To continue to proceed and believe what has always been believed, is to believe what the foolish believe. This blog is collection of world saving ideas which I am sure will eventually include an idea to create a one world government and a method of buying and selling products that involves math. It is of course impossible to buy and sell things without numbers.


Trust Me. All my ideas are fantastic and practical. Step by step we can reach salvation. Follow me to the pinnacle. Follow me to heaven.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for the nomination. I don’t think will do any of the little tasks though. I am not sure what sort of accomplishment the award is supposed to recognize.

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