The solution to war: Idea #0006


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War is awful. It’s gruesome, psychologically haunting, devastates ecosystems, reduces communities to rubble, and nurtures murderous grudges that last for generations and ignite future conflicts in an endless, vicious, cycle. War is the slick, dark serpent that, with its rippling, muscled coils, chokes and crushes our hopes for escaping extinction.

Yet over yonder, off in the distance, there’s a blinding twinkle of light. Could it be divine intervention approaching? Is it perhaps an alien craft coming here to deliver us from our misguided ways with a benevolent extraterrestrial dictatorship? Nay, it’s just a local robot. War’s end is already being inadvertently developed. Right now they come in the form of the deadly attack drones and slightly less malicious surveillance drones. They are despicably unfair. When one nation can harm the citizens of another nation without risking its own, it wears away at the forethought used before initiating offensive actions.

In time however, other countries will develop fancy drones as well. Once every country has a sufficiently advanced robotic army, warring nations can send wave after wave of robots to fight the opposing waves of robots until both countries run out of resources and are indefinitely crippled. Indefinitely crippled nations can’t wage war. This should continue until the entire world is out of resources and destitute. Then at last we can have peace, horrible, horrible peace.


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