The Public Blogger

Recently I got a follow from Kendall F. Person, The Public Blogger. It was a bit confounding. I don’t have many followers yet. This blog is only a couple days old, and I am a bit of a shut in even in the virtual world, but I always visit the page of a follower each time I get a new one. When I got to the Public Blogger’s page it was disorienting. It gave me the impression that he might just go around following people randomly, and it had this aura of corporate glitz melted together with hokey sincerity forming some sort of social super alloy. I felt like I was just welcomed to a corporate headquarter neighborhood with a fruit, bread, and pasta basket. His tagline is as follows:

“Where writing is a performance art and every post is a show.”

I guess it’s his way of saying “All the internet’s a stage”

In the interests of art I am posting the following performance below for the public blogger. This one’s for you Kendall F Person, glad to see you following.

Confusing relationship artsy Photo

Confusing relationship artsy Photo

Underwear captain has kitten freestyle broccoli seven Pakistan hastily jelly bears people unmade


2 thoughts on “The Public Blogger

  1. {chuckle}… why thank you for this splashly introduction. (no a in Person, by the way). The only really important thing I would like you to know, is I visit every single person that I follow, especially around awards season. No corporate headquarters, just me – although the comparison was very cool – an art collaborative where other bloggers work is showcased too. Thank you again, and, in all sincerity, a pleasure to be back here at Worldsavior.

    • Fixed the typo. Glad you liked it. It will be the first of an undetermined number of posts in the category “An assortment of intersecting paths”. It’s the crossing of fates between ideas, adjectives, living things, and/or objects both inanimate and animate.

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