The Solution to Racism: Idea # 0003

Unrelated artistic photograph

Unrelated artistic photograph click for full size

We might have made some minor progress, but make no mistake; racism is still a major issue in America and the rest of the world. It’s time to abandon the erroneous impression that because we elected a black president, we can move on. Despite this action, blacks still face discrimination, and also it is worth noting that racism is not an injustice experienced solely by people of African descent except in the sense that all humans are of African descent as evidenced by the fossil record.

Genetically speaking, race is extremely trivial. Two people of the same race are not statistically predisposed to having either more or less genes in common than two people of different races. Melanin expression holds little bearing on any biological trait other than resistance to sunburn and skin cancer. Unfortunately it still molds both conscious and unconscious personal and societal interactions. Well no more! There is a solution.

The growing field of biometrics will soon fill our cities with iris or retinal scanners. These devices will identify everyone immediately and with ease thus making it impossible to hide your identity while committing a crime near cameras and rendering disguises useless. When this happens, disguises will no longer engender suspicion. It will then be possible for everyone to wear masks and national uniforms that completely cover the skin. If the entire population always wore masks and these uniforms, racism would clearly, after a few generations, go extinct.

With uniforms and masks no one will be able to identify a person’s race in public. Instead perceptions of every individual will be reliant on the content of their character. Think of the marvelous benefits of uniforms. By implementing this plan, skin cancer rates will plummet, but remember to take your vitamin D supplements to prevent rickets. No longer will anyone worry about what they should wear to school, work, or a date; the decision will have been made. Affluence or lack thereof will no longer be advertised by clothing but only by the trinkets one carries and even those indicators, as the incorporation of technology into clothing continues, will diminish over time. Finally distractions of appearance will be muted by overwhelming uniformity. What should the uniform be like? I personally recommend jedi or monk robes made of velvet, velour, rayon, or satin with installed air conditioning units like the jacket pictured below. This apparel will be comfortable, nonrestrictive, and useful for magic tricks.

Jackets come with fans now.

Jackets come with fans now. This image is from google. It was not taken by me.

Masks are also a fashion boon. If your face is completely covered you need never worry about or feel embarrassed by acne while out in public. Girls, if you spend hours on make up, you just gained quite a bit of free time. Spend it wisely. Masks can be chosen for themes of  your day. Maybe for you, Monday will be silly mask day while Friday’s mask may be a frightening affair to symbolize the terror you might be planning for your weekend. Also with the rising popularity of the civil disobedience group anonymous, Guy Fawkes masks are already in abundance. In masks, the eye holes can be augmented with corrective lenses or google glass style technology thus making them highly functional components of an individuals wardrobe.

This solution will not erase all the economic inequities that are linked to race. That’s a world saving idea for another day. It will likely have to be implemented in addition to uniforms and masks. Still make sure your measurements are up to date, and start imagining all the different kinds of masks you might like to wear in the new age of fashion as racism is slowly extinguished by paper mache and a few scraps of cloth.


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